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The KorCare Difference

After relocation, client’s needs very soon become evident and we try very hard to develop surroundings and activities which satisfy those needs.

KorCare Ltd provides Korsakoff’s Care and endeavours to tailor its services and facilities totally towards that end. Our care is qualified, holistic, completely flexible and tailored to fit the client.




Complete Support

We give complete and comprehensive support.

Our policy is to keep a highly flexible approach towards Care provision. This means that it is our intention to provide the utmost support to both the client and the placement agency. This is seen to work very effectively with the younger clients (40-65) suffering from Korsakoff’s.

Client Care…

There are always day to day problems and these are initially counselled with staff.

Family contact is encouraged if required by the client. Members of client’s families are always welcome to visit clients, stay for lunch, seek advice.

Appointments with hospitals, doctors, consultants, dentists etc are arranged and managed by senior staff . Clients will be reminded if necessary of impending appointments/reviews and accompanied should help be needed.

A monitored dosage medication regime is in operation – we manage all medication within the home.

Helping Our Clients Achieve Goals…

Where necessary, we provide complete cash management and private banking support, helping clients budget their money to provide for the things that they want, and the goals that they want to achieve.

Korsakoff’s Special Care allows a provision for ‘One to one’ care – designated staff time weekly for each individual Korsakoff’s client. We do provide a range of therapy with qualified therapists, often as part of the initial contract and at no cost to the placement agency.

Trips to shops, local towns, or places of interest can be carried out with a member of staff, we have small group outings, and with the help of cash management often make holidays at home or abroad happen.

KorCare Ltd is a dry house i.e. alcohol is not permitted.

KorCare Ltd
Nightingale House
Landscore Close
TQ14 9LD

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Welcome to Korcare

KorCare Ltd. is a unique specialist residential care resource based in Teignmouth, Devon for people suffering from Korsakoff’s Syndrome.

Korsakoff’s Syndrome is part of the spectrum of Alcohol Related Brain Damage (ARBD) which merge and overlap and includes alcohol dementia; Wernicke’s encephalopathy; alcohol-related brain injury and alcoholic amnesic syndrome.

Our Clients are referred nationally and from a diversity of agencies or private referral and may be resident for a three month assessment period or for longer term care after the three month assessment period is completed.

Our aim is to provide a safe structured supportive environment for people with ARBD/Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome in order to give security in what otherwise would be a very confusing world.

We provide:

  • 24 hour care with awake night staff
  • A high quality level of personal care
  • A ‘dry’ house – alcohol is not allowed on the premises and we ask that an Alcohol Dependency Agreement is signed by the client and their representative
  • Personal support attending medical appointments ie GP/hospital/dental/optician
  • A healthy and wholesome diet to support the nutritional requirements of Wernicke-Korsakoff’s in order to boost vitamin B1 intake (thiamine)
  • Support for those who wish to give up smoking
  • Assistance with financial affairs and claiming benefits
  • A programme of regular recreational and diversional therapies catering for a variety of interests
  • Fully supported risk-assessed holidays either abroad or in the UK

New website coming soon but if you would like any further details please contact us:

Nightingale House, Landscore Close, Teignmouth, South Devon. TQ14 9LD.
Tel: (daytime) 01626 774 775 – (out of hours) 01626 773 904
Fax : 01626 770 331