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Care Provision

KorCare Ltd has made a speciality of caring for both male and female clients who suffer from Korsakoff’s Syndrome.

We have cared for this category of client for the last 15 years and continue to develop the facility, the care provided, and individual programs to cater for each client’s special needs. We are a ‘dry house’ and do not allow drink on the premises. Money and allowances are formally managed to assist client to budget and control his/her finances.

A Continual Program of Recreational and Therapeutic Activities

We take clients from all over the country and cater for long and short term residency. The average age of our clients is between 40 to 65, and older clients can be considered. We have a continual program of recreational and therapeutic activities and client participation is voluntary.

Further involvement or more detailed therapy can however, be specified as a part of the client’s care plan. Client Support staff are on hand to maintain designated areas of the care plans, and encourage clients to (a) develop interests and (b) to maximise their potential of life quality (c) to retain family contact if required (d) give the client designated time and consideration for him/her alone.

A Substance Free Lifestyle

We ask all clients to agree to an Alcohol Dependency Programme which aims to help the client maintain an alcohol and illegal substance free lifestyle.

Complete 24hr Care

KorCare Ltd provides complete 24 hour care and is responsive and flexible. Staff are always on hand to consult and attend to client needs and concerns.

Ongoing Care

Korsakoff’s can lead to physical decline and our care provision continues to the point where ongoing higher level nursing care is required.

Applications and Information

CPN’s, Social Workers and clients are requested to complete an Application Form (or request an Application Form and brochure by email: info@korcare.co.uk) and assessment is normally arranged at hospital, clients residence or Social Services. Family members are welcome to contact KorCare Ltd for information and advice.

Full written reviews are provided on request or at regulated intervals as requested by the placement authority.

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